3 Tips to Book The Best Singapore Hotels

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How’s your holiday planning? Have you chosen the best hotel to book?

I cannot be labeled as a hotelier, but I love staycation the most. This fact brings me to be what so-called master in choosing a hotel. You must have read lots of articles of mine talking about hotels. If you still remember, I have shared about Fullerton Hotel with you.

Now, I am here to share my top 3 tips for booking a hotel with you. Let’s add booking hotel to your reading list. Actually, each person has their own way to do it. There are many ways to choose the best hotels in Singapore. As for me, I consider several things. I will look for trip reviews, social media accounts, and ratings on travel applications. Here is the explanation.

Trip Review

I always surf for a review from travel sites. Mostly from Traveloka and you name the rest. The reviews from the previous guests are important. From them, we can get a lot of information. It is really helpful for us before deciding whether to book or not.

Besides the official travel site, I love it when I read reviews from travel blogs. I feel like reading their experiences is more helpful. The travel bloggers provide us with many references like photos or videos that they got from the original place. Their experiences are more local. Local means making me feel related in many aspects. As I know how the blogger produces their writing. Thus, I will scroll to the second or even latest page on google search to see if there are URLs from bloggers writing a review of the hotel I want.

Social Media

Believe it or not, social media is a huge thing. It reaches all over the world. Whatever you look for, go to their official social media accounts to dig for more information. It also works for booking a hotel. What I love to do before deciding on a hotel to visit is from its social media. I dig more on their Instagram, Twitter, or Fan Page (if any).

Most visitors will take pictures from the hotel they have visited. This is good for us as a newbie. We can take a peek at those pictures.  Most of them are using specific hashtags, which is good. The hashtag helped me a lot. We can go to the specific information about the hotel and other things.

Application Rating

Last but not the least, I do care about how many stars are displayed on the travel applications. For me, stars mean everything. We can easily judge how great the hotel and its services are from the number of stars they gained.

Because I, myself always rate a service or a thing directly to the travel application. I do it because I found it helpful for others. Thus, feedback has to be treated well. A well-treatment from a hotel to its visitor will influence the stars they give.

Singapore’s government now also enhances the booking experience by having Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers, which will give the SingPass holder an SGD 100 discount.

Those are the three tips to book the best hotels in Singapore. You do your research and find Fullerton Hotel as one of them.

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